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Palladium Earrings

Our palladium cubic zirconia earrings feature flawless AAAAA (5A) diamond-quality CZ with pure 950 palladium. Shop solitaire stud earrings, hoops, dangles, 3- and 5-stone styles, halo stud earrings, vintage earrings and more with your choice of stone shapes and a range of sizes.

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Palladium CZ Earrings

Palladium Earrings with Cubic Zirconia are increasingly popular. Palladium is a naturally occurring white metal and can be considered to be a perfect combination of durability, beauty and price. It is one of the four precious metals which used for designing and manufacturing jewelry, though is less well-known than the other three: silver, gold, platinum.

Palladium as a metal shares a number of visible and physical similarities to both
platinum and white gold. Palladium jewelry with cubic zirconia is a formidable  combination when it comes to jewelry making. 

There are many reasons why women now prefer palladium. Palladium earrings with cubic zirconia offer an ideal fit for many the female personality and occasion.

This combination of palladium and cubic zirconia is available in the form of studs, hoop earrings and dangle earrings. A lot more styles are available; however, these are quite popular. Palladium earrings have become far more popular with the prices of gold and platinum skyrocketing from time to time. Palladium is proving to be a wonderful alternative and every year it seems like more customers ask for palladium.

That's why this growing popularity of palladium triggered such a demand that our executive team in 2015 decided to begin making ALL of our precious metal jewelry pieces possible available made in palladium!

Palladium is alloyed with elements such as Iridium and Ruthenium. It is also a group
metal of platinum and offers several advantages. It will not lose its whiteness because it is a naturally-white metal rather than plated in white or coated with rhodium (such as white gold). Palladium earrings will not tarnish with time as silver earrings often will. And since palladium is slightly darker in comparison to platinum, the cubic zirconia set in the earrings have some extra sparkly POP.

Cubic Zirconia is set in palladium to make earrings in a number of ways. Our diamond-quality cubic zirconia stones are typically set in either a four-prong or three-
prong earring mountings. The earrings most frequently come with a push-back or a screw-back, though we make some other kinds of earring styles like latchback earrings and lever back earrings and more. Shop our smart menu using the checkboxes provided to filter by features and see more of the styles that match your interest and look.

Did you know that palladium is harder than gold? In fact, this wonderful metal is more durable than any other precious metal except platinum and less in weight in comparison to platinum. Hence, your palladium earrings with cubic zirconia setting purchased from us will likely last for a longer time than if we had made them for you in silver or gold.

We like to make and sell well crafted earrings designed to last for a lifetime with proper care.

Your palladium earrings with cubic zirconia would last not just last for a long time with proper care but would also cost you around the same price or at times even less in comparison to 14 karat gold jewelry (written 2017, describing metal markets prices over the last decade).

Palladium earrings made with our diamond-quality 5A cubic zirconia make wonderful gifts. Perhaps you are shopping for your mother, your sister or your girlfriend to surprise her with an alluring fine piece of jewelry. You can find plenty of mesmerizing earrings for each or all of these ladies...and don't forget your wife if you're married!