Marquise Cut

    marquise cut cubic zirconia stonesShop here for marquise cut cubic zirconia rings, earrings, and pendants set with this vintage CZ gemstone cut, plus loose marquise cut CZ stones single or bulk.  Each marquise cut CZ loose stone is shipped to you in a secure, velvet-lined gift box. All loose stones packages ship from the United States, typically within two business days of confirmed purchase. 

    When you’re shopping for loose CZ stones on, know that we use carat-equivalent sizes.  That means that when you buy a 2 carat Cubic Zirconia, we match up the size dimensions for a perfect 2 carat diamond and make sure you get a match in size measured in millimeters.  For example, in Marquise cut that would be an 12x6 mm CZ stone, or a two-carat marquise cut diamond equivalent.  

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Ashanti (Customizable Marquise Cut Design featuring Thin Band and Shared-Prong Round Accents)

    $428.25 USD$1,662.34 USD

    Whether you're going for gold or platinum status with the debut of your flashy new ring bling, put this prediction in the official record: The Ashanti engagement ring is sure...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Ashlee (1.48 Carat TCW Round Cut 7-stone with Floral-inspired Marquise Accents)

    $298.95 USD$1,911.21 USD

    Manufactured with a classic 1 carat round-cut center stone set in a unique fashion as if the petals of a flower in the manner of 4 sophisticated marquise-cut accent stones...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Ashleigh (Customizable with Triple Row Pavé)

    $578.88 USD$3,080.82 USD

    You can't slip this stunning triple-row pavéd band customizable-centerstone Cubic Zirconia engagement ring on a woman's finger without a feeling of timeless destiny. Don't be surprised if you hear the...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Astrid (Customizable Bezel-set Marquise Cut Design with Quad Horizontal Band Sleeves of Baguette Accents)

    $974.41 USD$2,825.66 USD

    Warning: may be threatening to weak men. We purposefully chose the name 'Astrid' for this in-your-face, bezel-set Marquise cut ring. The name is of Germanic and Scandinavian origins and means...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Athena (0.90 Carat Marquise-Cut with Round and Baguette Channel Accents)

    $368.48 USD$2,531.34 USD

    They say that divinity is out of reach for an ordinary human being; tell that to the man who makes the wise decision to put this divine engagement ring on...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Atia (Customizable Marquise Cut Design with Three-sided Channel Pavé Band)

    $490.05 USD$2,156.84 USD

    Choices create our future, good or bad. One specific choice is always there. What choice is that? Simply this: the choice to feel however you wish to feel, because happiness...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Audra (Customizable 7-stone Princess Channel)

    $407.80 USD$1,862.19 USD

    Is "booyah!" a word you're accustomed to seeing in the product description of a jewelry website? If so, you're probably hip enough to wear (or give) this chic CZ engagement...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Aylen (Customizable Enhanced 2-stone Marquise Cut Artisan Design with 3-sided Filigree and Pavé Band)

    $563.43 USD$1,890.23 USD

    The Aylen from is the essence of carefree elegance, a sophisticated yet unassuming ring mounting with a touch of exotic spirit. See the side view’s three-sided highlight of decorative...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Azariah (Customizable Cathedral Marquise Cut Design with Halo and Straight Baguettes)

    $392.71 USD$1,811.51 USD

    About to 'pop the question'? The engagement ring can capture the proposal moment and set up so many magical future moments over a marriage together, so it can be a...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Azul (Customizable Marquise Cut Style with Cathedral-Halo and Split-Pavé Band)

    $753.51 USD$1,851.76 USD

    Scene: Blue sky above blue-green waves crashing rhythmically into the sandy shores of the Aegean Sea. You’re resplendent in a flowing silk dress of white slashed with cerulean blue. Your...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bailey (Customizable Cathedral-set Marquise Cut Design with Halo, Thin Pavé Band and Floating Peekaboo)

    $653.25 USD$1,479.76 USD

    Hi, I’m Bailey. The original Bailey, I mean. Before this ring was given my name. I know people give my name to lots of things. Humans are strange like that,...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Belem (Customizable 5-stone Baguette+Round-Accented Marquise Cut Design))

    $407.87 USD$1,839.64 USD

    The perfect color (choose contemporary white metal, rose gold or yellow gold). The perfect balance. The perfect silhouette. The perfect, ideal-cut, flawless and colorless diamond-quality 5A cubic zirconia stones. And...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bentley (Customizable Marquise Cut Solitaire with Wide Tapered Band and Side Engraving Motif)

    $264.26 USD$1,767.86 USD

    We like to say this ring is as boring as a Bentley automobile, and of course that sophistication-on-wheels vehicle is anything but boring. Twin engraved ring flanks carry a design...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bernadine (Customizable Bezel-set Marquise Cut with V-Split Band)

    $236.90 USD$1,608.85 USD

    Your sweetheart doesn't want gaudy adornments. She has the confidence that she can look amazing without trying too hard. She doesn't need "glam" jewelry in the same way that she doesn't court...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bessie (Customizable Cathedral-Bezel Marquise Cut Design with Flowery Filigree and Halo)

    $568.41 USD$2,493.55 USD

    Every day in June— the most popular wedding month of the year— hundreds of thousands of couples in the English-speaking world alone will say “I do”. Each of these couples...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Betsy (Customizable 5-stone with Stairstep Baguettes)

    $304.80 USD$1,496.19 USD

    Dazzle her with this exclusive 5-stone CZ engagement ring offered through only to the most discerning buyers. Featuring a total of four (4)* channel-set straight-baguette side stones, 2 to...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bhakti (Customizable Enhanced 5-stone Marquise Cut Design with Thin Pavé Band)

    $493.69 USD$1,507.32 USD

    The Bhakti engagement ring is steadfastly spectacular in the pure metallic light given off as she glints and sparkles brilliantly.  The polished beam of her thin-banded contours will be faithfully...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bianca (Customizable 5-stone Cluster Style with Marquise Cut Center)

    $229.00 USD$1,576.78 USD

    Company legend has it that our one-time assistant shipping manager was caught wearing the original version of this fetching 5-stone cluster style ring, before doing her job and shipping it out to...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Billie (Customizable 7-stone with Round Channel)

    $252.75 USD$1,653.21 USD

    Exquisite in every way, this 7-stone diamond-quality 5A Cubic Zirconia engagement ring showcases a total of 6 channel-set round CZs, with three to either side of an alluring 0.12-5.0 CT...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Blair Marie (Customizable 5-stone with Hand-Engraved "X"'s and Round Channel)

    $329.88 USD$2,390.49 USD

    How many ways can you tell a woman that she's an exquisite jewel? If you're a poet, you can come up with any number of ways! But you can skip...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Blondie (Customizable Bezel-set Cathedral-style Marquise Cut with Halo Style and V-Split Band)

    $416.50 USD$1,988.36 USD

    Still waters run deep. The Blondie is a masterpiece of quiet confidence for a special woman who defies the stereotypes others try to put on her. She knows her mind,...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bobbi (Customizable Artisan Solitaire)

    $0.00 USD$1,895.61 USD

    It's not just your imagination, brother. There's really a glamorous feel radiating from this classic 0.25 to 5.0 carat artisan-style Cubic Zirconia solitaire engagement ring. You shouldn't feel surprised when...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bobbie (Customizable 9-stone with Round Accents and Thin Band)

    $285.43 USD$1,811.46 USD

    No one is going to believe you when you say how little you paid for this 9-stone engagement ring, so take our advice: when anyone asks, just smile, purse your...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Bodhi (Customizable 9-stone Design with Marquise Cut Center and Round Bezel Accents)

    $441.86 USD$1,998.90 USD

    The woman who wears this stylish piece of bridal jewelry likes to think of herself as flirty and fun. And the man who gifts it to her ought to see...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Brandie (Customizable 10-stone with Round Channel and Horseshoe Motif)

    $332.05 USD$1,937.79 USD

    Women have been known to fall so in love with this customizable, 10-stone artisan-band Cubic Zirconia engagement ring that they marry a man clearly beneath them. If you're looking to...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Brandy (Ultra-Wide Band Marquise Solitaire)

    $392.80 USD$11,794.68 USD

    Most people have probably never seen an engagement ring like this ultra-wide band with marquise solitaire center cut stone. Of those who do, though, some people want one like "the...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Brenna (Customizable 3-stone with Love Knots Artisan Band)

    $239.70 USD$1,481.19 USD

    Looking for the perfect proposal ring for that perfect person for you? Few things in life can be as precious as your loved one, and the engagement ring that you...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Brielle (Customizable Marquise Cut Cathedral Double-Halo with Curved Split-Band)

    $537.53 USD$2,161.04 USD

    Hello to the happy, frolicking filly reading this (while ranging over hill and dale looking for an engagement ring that acknowledges how very different you are from the rest of the herd). Whoa, there!...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Britney (Customizable Marquise Cut Decorative-Pronged Cathedral Solitaire with Fine Milgrain Band)

    $250.64 USD$1,901.14 USD

    One of your grandmothers probably wore one. Authors, waitresses, women's rights activists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, farmwives and immigrants wore one. Classic solitaire rings like this one were, are, and always will...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Brooke (0.75 Carat Customizable Halo-Style with Split Pave Band)

    $741.22 USD$3,850.20 USD

    She's ready. You're ready. The scene is set. The mood is ripe. You know it's coming. She hopes, but isn't sure. You get down on one knee and ask the...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Brooklynn (Customizable Marquise Cut with Cathedral Setting and Milgrained Pavé Band)

    $461.95 USD$1,329.40 USD

    The woman that wears The Brooklynn engagement ring is a monument to superlatives. She is solid, dependable, and worth her weight in pure gold. Some would even say that she's enviably beautiful,...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Candie (Customizable Marquise Cut with Artisan Bypass Pavé and 7-stone Cluster)

    $716.32 USD$1,655.82 USD

    We think this ring is so cute it's a steal at this price. On the highway to love, there may be speed-bumps like the triple-cluster of 1.5 mm round cut...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Cara (Customizable Wide-Split-Band Solitaire)

    $0.00 USD$1,209.88 USD

    "I promise I won't tell that it's Cubic Zirconia and not diamond," says The Cara, right before you enfold this 5A Cubic Zirconia 0.50 to 4.0 carat customizable-shape solitaire engagement...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Careena (Customizable Bezel-set Marquise Cut Style with Ultra-thin Pavé-Accented Band)

    $497.83 USD$1,280.49 USD

    It didn't take long after meeting her to know you wanted her, did it? So can you explain how it could take so long for some guy to finally get...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Carla (Customizable Marquise Cut Split-Band Curves)

    $768.36 USD$2,544.33 USD

    If there were a "TooCute4U" section of our website, that's where you'd find The Carla. She's a one-of-a-kind lady who just doesn't have time to mess around because she's way...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Carlotta (Customizable Marquise Cut Center with 100-stone* "Waterfall" Pavé Split Band)

    $696.38 USD$2,397.55 USD

    You CAN meet someone and instantly want him. You can have that lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry where your reason is temporarily swept away by how this new person makes you feel. Now,...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Carmela (Customizable Cathedral-Halo Marquise Cut Design with Six Halo-surrounded Asscher Cut Accents and Ultra-wide Band)

    $668.79 USD$834.96 USD

    Designing a woman's ring sometimes starts with a woman and an idea of what she likes...and what she's like. Sometimes, instead you start with an idea for a ring and...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Carmen (Customizable Solitaire with Horseshoe-inspired Split Band)

    $290.78 USD$1,648.29 USD

    Women have been known to fall so in love with this customizable split-band engagement ring that they marry a man clearly beneath them. If you're looking to "marry up", you...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Carrie (Customizable Marquise Cut Design with Split-Band Shared Prong & Halo)

    $835.69 USD$2,692.62 USD

    The stylish young starlet sat brightly flashbulb-lit in a black limousine, car door open as she lightly placed one leg after another on the red-carpeted curb. Splashes of light flash...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Cassy Anya (Customizable Marquise Cut Style with Artisan Bypass and Shared Prong Band)

    $413.40 USD$1,635.59 USD

    The Cassy Anya: like a red-hot ring pop for a sweet but fiery woman whose inner heat cannot be quenched any more than a man's desire for that special kind...

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