Featured Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Geraldine Lea (Customizable Cushion Cut Style with Delicate Pavé Band)

    $426.68 USD$1,646.14 USD

    Featuring 22* round 1.30 mm accent stones in a pavé style, this ring leaves the spotlight to her wearer, though for her wearer at any time needed The Geraldine Lea...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Chloe (Customizable 5-stone Cushion Cut Style with Quad Tapered Baguettes)

    $371.83 USD$1,875.42 USD

    There are those of you reading this who swore the woman in your life couldn't wear diamond jewelry. That she is eternally losing everything. You've even come close to losing...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The An Chen (Customizable Cushion Cut Solitaire featuring Delicate Metal Scrollwork)

    $245.73 USD$1,916.88 USD

    Women have liked the solitaire ring design since time immemorial, and they like it for the least complicated of reasons. Simple is beautiful. Simplicity expands, too, with thousands of customizable...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Alelli (Customizable Cushion Cut Style with Thin and Twisted Micropavé Band)

    $934.05 USD$2,457.47 USD

    Lesson for today: my wife is violently opposed to being referred to as 'Little Bugaboo' when being woken up in the morning. I wonder if this aversion is universal among...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Abbey Ro (Customizable Cushion Cut Solitaire with 'Incomplete' Decorations)

    $245.21 USD$1,334.08 USD

    We initially hesitated to sell The Abbey Ro without an anniversary band. An early focus group member looked at the spec ring design and said "It's a pretty ring, but...

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