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    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Jeanine Marie (Customizable Cushion Cut Style with Scooped Halo and Grooved Band)

    $236.47 USD$582.82 USD

    The Jeanine Marie will bring out the sophisticated side of the woman you love. When they say that behind every successful man is a strong, wise (and sometimes very surprised)...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Jenni Lou (Customizable Bezel-set Cushion Cut Design with Split Shared Prong Band)

    $631.86 USD$3,368.53 USD

    BOOYAH! The Jenni Lou is a showstopper of an engagement ring that combines modern flourishes with a customer's desire for classic, hand-made precision. For the special lady in your life...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Jeanne (Customizable Bezel-set Cushion Cut with Halo & Oversized Floral Design)

    $434.11 USD$2,565.94 USD

    The Jeanne is a like a red-hot ring pop for a sweet but fiery woman whose inner flame cannot be quenched any more than a fortunate man's desire for the...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Ivory (Customizable Cathedral-set Cushion Cut Design with Split-band & Halo Accents)

    $384.78 USD$2,357.19 USD

    Female hands in your vicinity may almost subconsciously reach out to touch The Ivory ring style. Don't worry, that's not a thief and you won't need to smack your mother-in-law...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Ginny Lynn (Customizable Cushion Cut Halo Style with Accented Split-Band)

    $561.00 USD$3,143.37 USD

    From the tips of your fingertips up. That's where looking good and feeling good always starts. Travel a mere inch or two from that most unique of personal identifiers along...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Dionne (Customizable Cathedral-raised Cushion Cut Setting with Halo and Shared Prong Band)

    $1,097.23 USD$3,272.30 USD

    Start your new fiancé's wedding day dreams on the path to coming true with this contemporary-styled, stunningly beautiful Cubic Zirconia engagement ring featuring an impressive 106* side stones that stand...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Danieela (Customizable Cathedral Cushion Cut Design with Geometric Halo & Split Pavé Band)

    $799.49 USD$2,630.80 USD

    What's your story, friend? If you're passionately writing a tale of one into a tale of two, we stand ready to serve you with the finest-quality cubic zirconia bridal jewelry...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Elaine Li (Customizable Cushion Cut Style with Halo, Wide Split Band and Euro Shank)

    $385.34 USD$2,870.78 USD

    She has a classically elegant style that brings you joy every time you're lucky enough to feel her smile in your direction. The Elaine Li may just be the engagement...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Cyra (Customizable Cathedral-bezel Cushion Cut Design with Floral Double Halo and Channel-Accented Split Band)

    $686.63 USD$2,932.90 USD

    A few of his hobbies you like most are making savvy investments, planning getaway vacations, giving massages without the expectation of reciprocation, buying flowers, and listening. That kind of handsome,...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Apryl (Customizable Cushion Cut Center with 4-sided-Accents Knife-Edged Split-Band)

    $604.47 USD$2,421.74 USD

    Flight or fight? You'll buy this potentially-dangerous 5A Cushion cut cubic zirconia engagement ring featuring a 4-sided shared prong split-band for the kind of woman who is usually above it...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Annemarie (Customizable Cushion Cut Design featuring Shared Prong Split-band)

    $601.31 USD$2,685.86 USD

    When you carry yourself like a Duchess, men will listen to your reason whether it's reasonable or not. That's one of the keys to successful influence, and while the suffragists...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Arya (Customizable Cushion Cut Style with Ultra-wide Pavé Split-Band and Nature-Inspired Double Halo)

    $1,020.11 USD$3,257.38 USD

    Even a person who notices nothing will notice the woman wearing this ring. From the top view looking down at a magnificently-crafted "double-halo" around the 5A Cushion Cut cubic zirconia...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Alelli (Customizable Cushion Cut Style with Thin and Twisted Micropavé Band)

    $934.05 USD$2,457.47 USD

    Lesson for today: my wife is violently opposed to being referred to as 'Little Bugaboo' when being woken up in the morning. I wonder if this aversion is universal among...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Alekhya (Customizable Cathedral-Bezel Cushion Cut Design with Halo, Split-Pavé Band & Channel Baguettes)

    $730.79 USD$1,008.72 USD

    We see the landscape of your relationship illustrated in vibrant living colors. She's yours. You're hers. The two of you belong together like the dual 5.00 x 2.00 mm channel-set...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Gretchen (Customizable Cluster-Halo Accented Cushion Cut Style with Tapered Dual Band)

    $335.87 USD$2,803.92 USD

    What IS IT about this ring?! Moments after you put it on, you may think to yourself: 'I'm Sophia Loren'. The day you were born, there's a good chance that...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Nairobi (Customizable Bar-set Cushion Cut 5-stone Design Plus Grandiose Pavé Accents)

    $914.16 USD$1,056.79 USD

    The Nairobi River's special waters run through the Kenyan city that bears its Maasai name. Having given life through agriculture since ancient times, it's still the lifeblood of today's cosmopolitan...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Kylee (Customizable Cathedral-set Cushion Cut Style with Split-Pavé Band)

    $826.03 USD$2,765.74 USD

      The Kylee ring is available made and set with seven (7) center stone shape options (as pictured and priced on this product webpage in Cushion cut, or click the...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Carlotta (Customizable Cushion Cut Center with 100-stone* "Waterfall" Pavé Split Band)

    $685.09 USD$2,562.85 USD

    You CAN meet someone and instantly want him. You can have that lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry where your reason is temporarily swept away by how this new person makes you feel. Now,...

    Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Junio (Customizable 11-stone Design featuring Cushion Cut Center, Vertical Round-Channel Accents & Wide Triple-Rope Band)

    $286.35 USD$2,301.09 USD

    You might have spotted the original version of this 9-stone, Latina-flavored engagement ring in Venezuela. If you've had the pleasure of visiting, we don't have to tell you that Venezuelan...

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