*Clearance* Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring- The Christin (2.0 Carat 6-prong Classic Round Solitaire in 14K White Gold)

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The great philosophers have written extensively about the concept of beauty, its definition, and what makes something beautiful. Is there really such a thing as ageless, timeless beauty? While it seems that over time we fickle human beings tend to change our opinions in so many matters in small ways, some things we hold always to be true no matter whose eye is the beholder.

Here is one of them: a classic round cut solitaire engagement ring without side stones IS beautiful, and always will be. For ageless, timeless beauty, go classic!

Carat Weight:  2.0 Carat TCW
Side Stones: None
Center Stone Shape: Round
Metal Finish: High Polished
Metal Type: 14K white gold
Prong Setting: 6 prong
Band Width: 2.5mm
Mounting: Heavy Solid Diamond Quality
Manufacturing Time: in-stock and ready to ship today
Ring Size: 5.75 (for an additional fee this ring can be resized up or down 2 sizes including half and quarter sizes. Please contact after purchase for sizing instructions.)

This ring was hand-made by our team of professional jewelers specializing in the best quality Cubic Zirconia designs and shipped to you with our lifetime warranty against breaking, chipping, and is guaranteed to keep its brilliant shine.

If you would like this ring design but with a different carat size than what is described or pictured, check out the original Christin engagement ring here to really make it your own.


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$335.00 $633.60

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