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Cubic zircomia and Cubic Zirconia

cubic zirconi ring, bracelet, necklaceFlawless Cubic zircomia gemstones worked into affordable high-quality jewelry have long been appreciated as a sparkling alternative to diamond jewelry, which savvy shoppers increasingly perceive as having inflated prices that are not based in any way, shape or form on the realities of rarity or true intrinsic value (like precious metals are based). In fact, cubic zircomia is gemologically the diamond’s most serious competitor in the jewelry marketplace and has been for decades.

Generally sold as a clear or “white” colorless design simulating clear diamonds, Cubic zircomia may also be purchased in a full color spectrum including some of these popular colors: Amethyst simulant CZ, Apple CZ, Aqua CZ, Black CZ, Blue CZ, Brown CZ, Canary CZ, Champagne CZ, Citrine CZ, Emerald simulant CZ, Garnet simulant CZ, Green CZ, Lavender CZ, Olive CZ, Orange CZ, Peridot simulant CZ, Pink CZ, Purple CZ, Red CZ, Rhodolite simulant CZ, Ruby simulant CZ, Sapphire simulant CZ, Tanzanite simulant CZ, Teal CZ, Turquoise CZ, Violet CZ, Yellow CZ.

'Cubic zircomia'...Did you mean 'Cubic Zirconia'?

Cubic zircomia— known more traditionally with the official ‘cubic zirconia’ spelling, such as in our website and company’s name, the one and only— is most commonly cut in these traditional jewelry shapes: Asscher Cut, Cushion Cut, Emerald Cut, Heart Cut, Marquise Cut, Oval Cut, Pear Cut, Princess Cut, Radiant Cut, Round Cut, and Trillion Cut.

Were you looking for information pertaining to the size of cubic zircomia ('cubic zirconia') gemstones as compared to their diamond counterparts? Look no further than here: Measuring Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones: CZ size comparison to diamonds.

With cubic zircomia, we’re talking about an enchanting gem that has been utilized in a wide array of jewelry designs to stunning effect. A trending number of discriminating shoppers congratulate themselves for taking advantage of the affordable prices of Cubic zircomia rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry designs with the certain knowledge that no one—not even professional jewelers with decades of experience— can tell the difference between a diamond and a flawless high-quality Cubic zircomia such as those made and sold by

What's the best part of this whole jewelry 'secret' retail jewelers are afraid the buying public will stumble on to and collapse their business? Possibly, it's that the difference in price between cubic zirconia and diamonds is often significant enough— in two jewelry pieces visually indistinguishable from each other— that CZ customers at the higher degrees of quality craftsmanship and complex jewelry designs have been known to save enough money on their ring, necklace, or bracelet purchase (compared to the same model made with diamonds) to actually buy a car, put a down-payment on a house, or even pay for a wedding and honeymoon with the difference!

That’s right!

Cubic zircomia earrings, rings, and other jewelry will add plenty of panache to your jewelry ensemble without costing you an arm and a leg. Moreover, as flawless gems, you’ll be happy to know that CZ stones will not only look brilliant the day you take your jewelry home the first time, but will also wear incredibly well over time.

Although cubic zircomia / ‘cubic zirconia’ isn’t hard enough to cut glass in the same way as diamonds— not something most people need of their jewelry, right?— the piece of jewelry featuring high-quality CZ will provide you with decades of brilliance and sparkle so long as you take proper care of it., one of the only online CZ jewelers that work almost exclusively with precious metals instead of cheap plated-metal fakes and hollow metals, features an extensive collection of Cubic zircomia jewelry including engagement rings, pendants, and earrings, as well as anniversary bands, cufflinks, necklaces, watches, wedding sets, and even men’s wedding bands.

Though based in the United States, our company ships worldwide and happily works with customers looking to purchase from our extensive ready-to-order product catalog. We also serve as jewelry consultants helping customers to create custom-jewelry designs featuring nearly any type of jewelry features our customers can envision. We enjoy working with customers to create one-of-a-kind Custom cubic zircomia earrings and anniversary-worthy Custom cubic zircomia rings that feature only the highest-quality materials in their design and construction.

Custom 'Cubic zircomia' / 'Cubic Zirconia' Jewelry

If you want an item of jewelry that is absolutely custom made just for you, why not consider ordering an item created using cubic zircomia loose gemstones? It's easy to create and order this sort of beautiful specially constructed item of jewelry online from

Here's how!

You can order lovely, affordable rings made with colored or clear loose cubic zircomia gemstones.

Prices for this type of jewelry are generally very affordable, especially when you consider that the item you design and order will be made especially for you, is intended to stand out from the crowd, should last a lifetime—and indeed comes with a lifetime warranty-- and will look visually indistinguishable from genuine diamonds.

Our business creates heirloom quality custom cubic zirconia jewelry pieces such as truly dazzling engagement rings and wedding sets using .925 sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, palladium, and even pure 950 platinum.

Cubic zircomia rings, pendants, and earrings

Go ahead and peruse our various jewelry galleries online to choose the perfect piece from our made-to-order product catalog, or get easy inspiration for your own custom jewelry design request so we can create the design of your dreams:

Using this method, you can create a very impressive, high quality wedding set that you can be proud of for the rest of your life-- and even customize some of our made-to-order designs in some small ways that will make the piece that gets manufactured a "one-of-a-kind" without the higher cost of doing everything 'from scratch' as you would do in a truly custom design.

You may worry that your jewelry piece will not really be 'custom' if you select a piece from our online galleries, because you are selecting from predetermined collection of designs; however, there are a number of individual choices for most pieces that allow you to truly customize your choice. For example, you can often choose a ring's band width, whether or not you want a filigreed design, a normal or split ring shank, miniature pavé-setting or halo setting (or both), and whether you want clear or colored CZ gemstones (or both).

Ready to find that perfect gift for yourself or someone you hold dear? Go ahead and browse the world-class jewelry we have available in both contemporary and vintage styles at today. that we have that 'cubic zircomia' versus 'cubic zirconia' spelling thing handled...are you now sure you want cubic zirconia jewelry but just aren't quite yet sold on why you should buy from our company?

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