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Stud Earrings

If you're looking for cubic zirconia stud earrings-- also known as earrings that cover part of the wearer's earlobe without dangling down too much below-- then you've come to the right place here at CubicZirconia.com, the Clear Choice™ for cubic zirconia. Online since 1999, we specialize in quality craftsmanship for CZ earrings that are made in America, visually indistinguishable from diamonds, and offer all the brilliant sparkle you want without the astronomical price tag.
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Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings: 100% Flawless Diamond Lookalikes

We offer cubic zirconia studs in many styles, but the most popular earrings of this type have always been what we call solitaire stud earrings, stud earrings with a single "solitaire" gemstone, traditionally preferred because of the elegance of their simplicity. Solitaire cubic zirconia studs are a look that matches well with almost any outfit a lady might wear, both for every-day style or to class up her ensemble for events that run the gamut from a family barbecue to a company picnic, a candlelit dinner for two or even a dress-up wedding. While we manufacture earrings with 12 different shapes of CZ gemstones, the most popular shapes are round-cut and princess-cut (square) as pictured below.

Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings


Single CZ Studs for Men, and Piercing Earrings for Kids

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves...almost all earrings we sell are sold in PAIRS, typically worn by the ladies, and include a free gift box. However, we CAN sell most of our earrings as a single earring rather than a set of 2. Please call us via phone if you do not see the earring you want to purchase as one (rather than a pair) listed online for sale and we can help you order that earring with no problems. You can also click here for:

-- single stud earrings for men
-- piercing stud earrings (often for children)

Best-Selling, Customizable-Size Stud Earrings

Our best-selling CZ stud earrings mirror diamond studs because we manufacture our cubic zirconia jewelry with the highest-quality 5A cubic zirconia stones commercially-available, gemstones that are visually indistinguishable from flawless diamonds.

Yes! Our high-quality CZ stud earrings are every bit as strikingly attractive as a diamond earrings pair, and will cost you literally hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars less than the diamond equivalent (depending on carat size of gemstones selected, with larger diamonds significantly more expensive than the cubic zirconia counterpart).

Take a look at a few of our most popular stud earring styles here with these customizable cubic zirconia studs, available in diamond-carat-equivalent sizes from 0.50 carats TGW (total gross weight) to 6.0 carats TGW:

---> Customizable 4 Prong Round CZ Stud Earring Set

---> Customizable 4 Prong Princess CZ Stud Earring Set (Our price: $131 to $940 depending on carat size and precious metal chosen)princess cut cz vs diamond earrings price comparison

---> Customizable 3 Prong Round CZ Stud Earring Set (Our price: $136 to $703 depending on carat size and precious metal chosen)round cut cz vs diamond earrings price comparison

---> Customizable Butterfly Shaped CZ Birthstone Stud Earring Set (available in colored cubic zirconia with all 12 birthstone colors)

 So...how do our prices compare to diamond stud earrings
that look just like these CZ studs that not even a jeweler with decades of experience
can tell the difference between by sight alone?

In some cases, as you can see, in the higher carat sizes of CZ stud earrings from CubicZirconia.com, set with gold or platinum...you're going to realize savings of thousands of dollars, what amounts to the purchase price for a CAR, or the cost of a down-payment on a HOUSE, or a week-long vacation for 4 at Disney World in sunny Orlando, Florida.

Like we always say: "If you can't TELL the difference, why PAY for the difference?".

Want an even better deal than our normal, every-day low prices on CZ jewelry compared to the equivalent price of jewelry set with genuine diamonds? Look no further than our items marked down for sale or clearance:

-----  > Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings On Sale  <  -----
(note: may only be a handful of items available at a discount; for a limited time, while supplies last)

CZ Stud Earrings: Pick Your Precious Metal

We do not make cubic zirconia earrings using anything but the highest-quality metal materials.

If you choose sterling silver, it will be pure .925 sterling silver which will be rhodium-plated for extra protection and shine. If you choose gold, it will be solid gold. If you choose the platinum, it will be pure 950 platinum.

Please do not ask us to make jewelry in anything but pure precious metals; unlike the Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target and eBay jewelry merchants of the world which are happy to sell essentially worthless jewelry with plated and filled precious metals lightly coated over brass, we are unwilling to compromise our brand or integrity to save a few bucks cutting corners...and we know you'll be happier knowing your jewelry has real, tangible value because of its precious metal purity.

As a savvy consumer may know, there are four (4) precious metals commonly used in jewelry, and we sell cubic zirconia studs in each of them: gold, silver, platinum, palladium.

Choose your stud earrings from the highest-quality precious metals:

In our experience, a choice of metal color from white metal (white gold, silver, palladium, platinum) to yellow gold, or rose gold most often comes down to the wearer's preferences first, and secondly which metal color will match best and complement other jewelry pieces in her wardrobe style. You'll want to keep that in mind when buying our jewelry as a gift for that special someone!

Cubic Zirconia Studs: Multi-stone Designs

We talked a bit before about single-stone, or "solitaire" stud earrings. The simplest, most traditional and classic style, single-stone stud earrings are nowhere near the only style available.

In fact, our jewelry line is trending towards more and better designs with multiple gemstones making up the earring style. Why? It's simple: these designs are increasingly popular as discerning women seek a style that's her very own, secure with these unique designs in the knowledge that she isn't likely to see another lady wearing a similar pair of earrings when she wants to get dressed 'to the nines' and really strut her stuff.

Let's take a look at some of the more popular styles of multi-stone earring set designs we manufacture and sell here at the one and only CubicZirconia.com! Some are stud earrings; others are hoops, drops, and dangles.

-- Journey-style earrings sets
-- Halo style earrings sets
-- Three-stone earrings sets
-- Cluster-style earrings sets
-- Five-stone earrings sets
-- Seven-stone earrings sets