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US Size 8.00

US Size 8.00 Cubic Zirconia Rings

This product collection has the CubicZirconia.com rings, engagement rings and wedding bands that can be manufactured in a U.S. finger ring size of 8.00.

You can see all available cubic zirconia ring sizes here, and filter our rings product catalog by any specific US ring size number. 

Not sure what your finger ring size actually is? Click here for tips and/or order our ring sizing kit to check. We can also help you with sneaky ninja tips to find what her finger ring size is for a confidential surprise gift without her knowing what you're doing!

If you're outside the United States, Canada and Mexico-- which all use the U.S. ring sizing system used primarily on this website store-- then maybe you need our international ring size chart to convert your known international ring size into a U.S. ring size. 

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