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cubic zirconia ring with peekaboo bridge accentsAlso known as a bridge accent, "peekaboo" accent stones beneath and to either side of a ring's centerstone setting are among the fastest growing trends in today's manufacturing of rings. We feature many CZ peekaboo rings with clear or colored peekaboo accent gems in your choice of clear or colored cubic zirconia, genuine or imitation sapphires, genuine or imitation emeralds, genuine or imitation rubies, and more.

The peekaboo style is a fantastic way to have a traditional clear centerstone setting of high-quality cubic zirconia atop your ring or engagement ring and yet showcase your individual personality with the flair of colored peekaboo accents.

We receive a lot of custom requests for price quotes on rings with our "design your own" jewelry program from customers wanting to know if some of our other non-peekaboo ring styles can be modified to also feature peekaboo accent stones. We're happy to report that more often than not the answer is "yes!" so just ask us if you want to know whether any ring style not listed here in the "peekaboo" collection can be modified to have this trendy design feature.

Please note: because the peekaboo style is underneath and to the sides of the centerstone, and many of our rings show as the featured image below with a "top view" rather than "side view"...you'll need to click through from the thumbnail pictures below to the individual product page to see the "side view" of these rings and be able to fully appreciate the peekaboo feature.

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Peekaboo Cubic Zirconia Rings and Engagement Rings