Anniversary Rings

    cz anniversary ring giftsWith our extensive collection, you can match a cubic zirconia anniversary ring to your existing engagement ring for a stunning new wedding set she'll cherish. You can also grab both the anniversary ring and engagement ring at the same time in a re-designed wedding set, or create your own from two (or even three) compatible rings that can be worn together or separately as style and taste decide. Choose gold, sterling silver, palladium or platinum when you shop the world's trusted online leader for cubic zirconia-- online since 1999.

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 04-00 (0.56 TCW Infinity Pave)

    $597.24 USD$1,445.78 USD

    If you're looking for an affordable and delightful anniversary ring featuring an infinity design and pave stones, look no further! Fresh lemons, fresh limes, / Squeeze all the juice, add...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 04-37 (1.75 TCW Round Eternity)

    $532.23 USD$1,253.95 USD

    Whether you choose this ring in Sterling Silver, Gold, Palladium or pure 950 Platinum, the round setting combination on this anniversary band will surely grab their attention! You can get...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 04-46 (0.25 TCW Round Pave)

    $431.56 USD$1,287.01 USD

    How would this anniversary ring band look alongside your engagement ring? Do the two make a "set"? If so, you'll be happy to see just how affordable this .25 carat...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 04-60 (0.50 TCW Round Channel)

    $474.12 USD$1,165.12 USD

    Simply stately and elegant: does that describe the woman for whom you're considering buying this anniversary band? If so, it's a match! While you could match this "stackable" anniversary...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 05-20 (0.50 TCW Round Pave)

    $1,448.09 USD$2,771.65 USD

    She'll look absolutely fetching with this round prong style anniversary band featuring almost 100 AAAAA diamond quality cubic zirconia. Fetch your wallet and go ahead and buy the know...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 12-2248 (0.265 TCW Round Bezel stackable)

    $243.57 USD$1,669.42 USD

    Mix and match this stackable anniversary band with any of our engagement rings and get a nice two-ring discount Carat Weight: 0.265 TCW* (as pictured)Stone(s) Shape and Style: Round Cut...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 12-461 (0.25 TCW Round Prong)

    $485.71 USD$1,267.91 USD

    This custom-designed hand-made "stackable" anniversary ring with round prong side stones is as stylish as any you're likely to find! Feel free to pair this anniversary band with a number...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 12-658 (0.80 TCW Princess Channel)

    $336.65 USD$1,672.98 USD

    What would you pay for the ring that makes her smile? Chances are, whatever the amount we're offering this 0.80 carat Princess Channel setting cubic zirconia beauty for much less!...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 121-593 (1.02 TCW Princess Channel)

    $482.47 USD$2,907.84 USD

    The biggest choice you're facing right now is just making sure to pick out the right size, because something tells us you've already made up your mind that this stunning...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 121-823 (0.56 TCW Round Bezel Scallop)

    $243.57 USD$1,669.42 USD

    Mix and match this stackable anniversary band with any of our engagement rings and get a nice two-ring discount Carat Weight: 0.56 TCW* (as pictured) * The exact number of...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 122-145 (0.23 TCW Round Pave)

    $289.96 USD$1,668.24 USD

    This custom-designed hand-made "stackable" anniversary ring with round pave side stones is as stylish as any you're likely to find! Feel free to pair this anniversary band with a number...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 122-147 (Round Cut Pave)

    $469.34 USD$1,725.49 USD

    This lovely AAAAA diamond-quality cubic zirconia anniversary band is available in many different precious metal choices and side stone shape/styles, for the ultimate in customization. I still smell you here...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 1537 (Five Row Round Cut Wide Band)

    $975.17 USD$4,945.61 USD

    Stone Shape: Round Cut AAAAA diamond quality Cubic ZirconiaCarat Weight: 1.83 Carat TGWSetting Type: Round Prong SettingBand Width: 9mmMetal Finish: High Polished Metal Type: Choose from .925 Sterling Silver, 10K...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring Band, Style 42-58 (Customizable Round Shared Prong Eternity)

    $641.56 USD$2,079.98 USD

    This eternity-style anniversary band makes a tremendous statement about the woman who wears it. Boasting round-cut AAAAA diamond-quality CZ gemstones all the way around the band, this isn't a piece...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Ring, Style 03-94 (Customizable Round or Princess Eternity Band)

    $454.04 USD$1,428.86 USD

    Where else but can you find such quality workmanship at such a reasonable price as you'll find with this highly-polished "stackable" anniversary ring with round channel and round prong Cubic...

    Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Rings

    The Jazzlyn

    An anniversary ring is simply a traditional wedding band (often plain metal) dressed up with inset accent stones. Simple, yet profound and an integral part of a woman’s hoped-for jewelry cabinet. Ah, you’re thinking now of the CZ anniversary ring (also known as a cubic zirconia band)…you are a clever fellow, aren’t you? She doesn’t demand it from you, she doesn’t expect it, and probably hasn’t even dropped a hint, bless her completely selfless heart. But that makes it all the more special when you think of it for yourself. Even if she has planted the idea of getting a star-studded anniversary ring instead of a plain wedding band, you’re on the mark, here at, where we make the finest anniversary rings from the highest-quality cubic zirconia stones, using only precious metals, manufactured-to-order by master jeweler craftsmen in the United States, offered at fair prices and with a lifetime warranty.

    You know she’s not going to turn this ring down! You probably got on your knee with the engagement ring and bared your soul. You took a risk, and made yourself vulnerable to her in a way that some men just aren’t man enough to do. This gorgeous ring, adorned with 5A (AAAAA) CZ stones, the finest cubic zirconia diamond simulants commercially available, says you’re glad you did…and that you’d give yourself to her all over again.


    The Conchita

    If the engagement ring was an alley-oop pass to your new partner in life, the anniversary ring can be the resulting slam dunk score that brings down the house. Call it the piece de resistance, and whether it’s an immediate gift or a future investment to replace a plain wedding band-- whatever your timing and whatever her style, the gift of a stunning anniversary ring is definitely one of a man’s greatest moments in expressing his love and nurturing an enduring romance with the woman who ignites his passion from day one to today.


    Every ring has a story, a legacy of a couple’s partnership and love. Maybe you’re looking at our CZ engagement rings right now, and think you might like to purchase an anniversary band to complete her wedding set. Great idea. It will dazzle for years to come, and she will wear it with pride and ever-growing love for you. The icing on this cake is that if you are buying these rings together, you can benefit from a discount for the set. Smart.


    Yes, any 2 or 3 ring purchases from are eligible for a nice discount so long as the purchases are within 60 days. If the two rings you’re buying aren’t bundled together as a “set” on our website with the discount for a multi-ring purchase already built-in, no problem, just contact us with the two rings you do want to buy together and we’ll price them out for you with the discount.


    Maybe years have passed since she said “Yes,” and you are in a financial position to treat her to something even more special. Your engagement ring, though a beautiful testament to your humble beginnings as a couple, may not have been everything you wanted to offer her. Maybe you didn’t know about cubic zirconia at that time, and you bought that other sparkly, but flawed, and much more expensive engagement stone with a small center stone that was big enough in carats that you were proud of it at the time but now just seems so…small. If you have built a life together and matured, your tastes have grown with you both. Now, you may want something to honor the original ring, but would love to dress it up to reflect your journey onward and upward together. THAT is what the right cubic zirconia anniversary ring can do. Give the gift that says you’re still her sweet guy, sentimental and sexy, still desirable (and desiring of her) after all these years, having grown ever better like a fine wine as they say. Your life partner will love you for that. It never gets old. We can help.


    The Sabrina

    Every ring at is customizable, to reflect the unique taste of our couples, from engagement and beyond. We want to be your jeweler for life, to help you tell your love story together. When you purchase a CZ anniversary band from, we can work with you if desired to make sure that the two rings nestle together perfectly on the finger to make an unforgettable set. If this “stackable” feature is important to you and to her (or to you if you’re buying for yourself dear lady!) please get in touch with us so we can evaluate your current ring and make sure it is or can be compatible with the anniversary ring you’d like to wear alongside it.


    Do you already have the engagement ring half of a wedding set, chosen now, or given some years before? Stackable rings are a perfect idea for your situation. They add depth and character to the look you have created already. Consider adding the anniversary ring as part of the wedding set by shopping our site or asking for a consultation. We can help you make the perfect stackable wedding set for your testament to the love you share.


    Perhaps you would like something blingin’ in cubic zirconia to match a classic round cut solitaire or other engagement ring (whether diamond or CZ), set in your choice of quality yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or 950 platinum. We can make any and all of that happen like no one else, because we are We also offer sterling silver, as well as the increasingly popular palladium metal for almost all of our CZ anniversary ring styles.


    If you love a bit more embellishment, we can complement the CZ engagement ring you choose. It will be as stunning as ever, with a band that brings out its best. An anniversary ring with large, round cut, prong-set stones may be just the thing. Perhaps you would like pavé -set CZ stones. Maybe she wants channel-set baguettes. Maybe you would rather emphasize the high-polish finish of our precious metals, by choosing a sculptured, inscribed complementary cubic zirconia anniversary ring that is accented by diamond-quality CZ stones but not dominated by them. Beautiful, in either its simplicity, or intricate detail, both are options.


    You might even prefer something other than a classic, circular band. The infinity style is a wonderful celebration of your love story. We can help you to match its style to your original ring.


    If you chose a pear-, trillion-, oval- or heart-shaped center stone for your engagement ring, you may need the anniversary ring customized to fit alongside your original engagement ring style since those shapes are rather large and protruding beyond the shank of the ring. We’ve got you covered there, too, just get in touch!


    The Salome

    Begin your quest for the perfect match to her wedding set, or for her CZ anniversary ring, by using the “smart menu” at the left of this page. You can click on the provided check-boxes to filter for the features you think she’d like, and for some features you didn’t know existed. Take your time. Play a little by trying different filters together. You will be amazed at the variety and exquisite beauty you can create, all for fantastic quality jewelry offered at unsurpassed value-driven prices only a company that keeps its overhead low could offer.


    As you use the smart menu, you will see, also, that rings from can be embellished with few, or many 5A CZ accent stones (also called “melee” or “side stones”). 5-stone, 7-stone, and 9-stone styles are all popular. You can choose from twelve stone shapes, according to your whim, or her desires. Some are pictured more than others due to popularity, but we can make just about any ring with any size and shape stones you want, just ask. Match the center stone of the engagement ring, or experiment with shapes and settings that create an intense look uniquely yours. How about different colored stones? Maybe you would like to incorporate the idea of a family ring into your anniversary piece? We can help you consider birthstone colors for a small premium per stone. Or maybe you would just like to contrast your CZ center stone with the look of a blue sapphire, green emerald, red ruby or some other gorgeous colored accent stone to set things off quite nicely in a “peekaboo” setting. We can do that and more.


    Perhaps you have something in mind that you don’t see on the site. You must be highly creative! Tell us about it. We can help you bring your design to life. Contact us if you are interested in spicing things up in any way from what you see presented among our pre-manufactured styles, and we’re happy to work with you through our custom “design your own” cubic zirconia jewelry program.

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