Pendleton, KY, USA - September 26, 2021 - Customers turn to cubic zirconia as a quality and ethical alternative to diamonds, says premier CZ jeweler, as company expands to meet worldwide market demands. President "Mrs. Cubic Zirconia", is confident that the growing cubic zirconia (CZ) market will continue to increase its jewelry industry prominence globally. CZ is taking a well-deserved place in the jewelry market as a high-quality, ethical alternative to the overpriced, monopolized, and often unethical diamond market. She is proud that is on the cutting edge of growth. She is excited to have a hand in its expansion.

"We were excited to announce the 2015 acquisition of, but this 2021 acquisition of is an even more important investment that is going to make our company stronger, and better positioned in the marketplace." is leading the way in raising the profile of cubic zirconia as a high quality, desirable option for customers who want diamond-quality jewelry without diamond jewelry prices. As President of a highly progressive, innovative jewelry company, the executive and woman-owned President of a growing jewelry brand known only as "Mrs. Cubic Zirconia" takes great pride in contributing to the growing interest in cubic zirconia.

"There are only a handful of companies worldwide that are making and selling diamond-quality jewelry, set with only precious metals and the best-quality cubic zirconia ever made. Everyone else may as well be selling disposable jewelry of little true resale value and calling it 'costume jewelry'. That’s not, and never will be, our business model."

The team are iconoclasts in the jewelry industry for reframing the value placed on high quality jewel stones, such as diamonds, that too often come at a high cost of human life affecting the exploited Third World workers that toil to produce them. The continued rise in popularity of cubic zirconia and other diamond simulants could change the face of the jewelry industry.

"We're intent on becoming  not only the premier jeweler for high quality cubic zirconia in the world, the "clear choice" so to speak, but we want cubic zirconia as a diamond simulant to become the go-to stone for customers seeking high end, heritage-quality jewelry for less. That's why we will continue to grow the business, one happy customer at a time. We will invest in acquisitions like, that make this phenomenal product more accessible in the consumer spectrum of choice.”, is an online jewelry company that provides a premier selection of customizable, heritage quality jewelry, including engagement rings, anniversary bands and wedding sets. The company ships to customers worldwide.
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