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Will normal wear ‘tarnish’/discolor Gold jewelry more or less than Sterling silver jewelry?

Will normal wear ‘tarnish’/discolor Gold jewelry more or less than Sterling silver jewelry? 0

Sterling silver will tarnish more/more often over time than 10 karat gold, which is more susceptible to tarnishing than 14 karat gold. 14 karat gold is itself more likely to become tarnished than 18 karat gold. Here's why...and what it means to you as a jewelry buyer.
Best prices for high-quality precious metal gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry

Best prices for high-quality precious metal gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry 0

Our average markup for gold, palladium, and platinum is 20-40% less than the industry standard for precious metals jewelry.

We invite you to compare our precious metals jewelry prices with other jewelers and you’ll see that, gram for gram in gold, palladium and platinum cubic zirconia jewelry, we offer the best prices for the highest-quality cubic zirconia jewelry manufactured anywhere.

Why can we say that with 100% confidence?

Part of it is because of the difference in precious metals markup, but it’s also that we have designed our shopping experience to be fair.

Permit us a short explanation, please…

Ring with Cubic Zirconia center stone plus real diamond accent/melee stones

Ring with Cubic Zirconia center stone plus real diamond accent/melee stones 0

Customers hoping/expecting to replace an inexpensive but flawless and colorless 5A CZ center stone with diamond at some point in the future commonly ask us if it is possible for us to make our jewelry with a only the largest stone being cubic zirconia while natural diamond accent stones (also known as 'side stones' or 'melee stones) are used in the remainder of the piece. Yes, this is possible. Here's the details.

5 Things to Look for When Buying the Best Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

5 Things to Look for When Buying the Best Cubic Zirconia Jewelry 1

Look at you! You have come up in the world. Whether you are starting out in life, or enjoying the rewards after years of hard work, you can now think about some of the finer things in life; you are ready to buy a quality piece of jewelry. Better still, you are now among the rapidly increasing number of people who are turning to the best cubic zirconia jewelry as a luxurious choice.

Maybe it’s your first time shopping for high quality jewelry, or maybe you are just tired of paying too much for ‘the usual’ stone (you know the one we mean). Perhaps you have heard about diamond cartels (oops! I said the “D” word) that create a false scarcity in order to drive up market prices. You might have been looking online and dreaming about bling possibilities while sipping your morning coffee. Suddenly, you realized you could afford the best cubic zirconia ring, without remortgaging your home. Whatever your reasons for finding us, we are glad to have you here!

We are delighted to welcome you to You have made an excellent choice (or, if this writer has done her job well, happily ended up here via an Internet search for the best cubic zirconia). Here, you will find great resources for making an informed choice about heirloom quality jewelry of the highest value. Better still, you are not limited by our imaginations (although spectacularly developed). You can shop our smart menu to customize the best cubic zirconia engagement ring, or any other jewelry piece you can imagine.

But enough about us, for now. Let’s talk about how your jewelry quest can be the best shopping experience possible.

Now that you are here, we have 5 tips about buying the best cubic zirconia jewelry. Use this list as a guideline to shop our site. Feel free to shop around. We are confident that you will come back to us for your jewelry needs.Best cubic zirconia stones? Best cubic zirconia engagement rings? Best cubic zirconia anything? Do you see a pattern developing here? You’re going to love shopping for a memorable jewelry piece. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. Look for Quality Precious Metals

When you are looking for the best results with cubic zirconia, consider the metal used to set the stone. A good jeweler will offer a selection of 10K, 14K and 18K gold. They will offer a choice of coloration for gold, without compromising its purity. Look for companies that offer their gold in yellow, white or rose gold. Remember that, all color choices from a trustworthy jeweler will be from 10K, 14K and 18K grade gold.

Of course, there are other popular choices of precious metals. A great jeweler will offer you the best choice of cubic zirconia rings in .925 Sterling silver. Do not accept anything less when considering this beautiful, classic metal!

Pure palladium and 950 platinum have also become great options in contemporary jewelry. They are not going anywhere, either. This is a beautiful choice that will outlive trends, stand up to long term wear, and make you proud of your choice for many years - even generations - to come.

Make sure that your purchase is not “plated.” Plating should be clearly marked on any piece your jeweler offers. Expect plating only on smaller, more trend-based or inexpensive jewelry. A reputable, honest jeweler will make sure you know what you are buying.


2. Demand Precision Craftsmanship of Master Jewelers

    A top jeweler will offer the best craftsmanship possible. Make sure that you have master jewelers working to create the finest jewelry with the best that cubic zirconia has to offer. Be choosy. You won’t regret it.

     3. Understand How Stones are Graded

      Choose the best cubic zirconia possible. Look for a jeweler who clearly states the quality of their stones. Cubic zirconia is graded on the same scale used for commercially produced diamonds. The highest rating is AAAAA, or 5A, for clarity. Cubic zirconia stones of 5A diamond-quality look, even to the most accomplished jeweler, just like diamonds.

       4. Expect the Jeweler to Stand Behind their Product

        The best cubic zirconia jewelers will offer a lifetime warrantee. Enough said. Do not settle for anything less. They will be there for you to address manufacturer defects, and to make sure that you have an exceptional jewelry experience.

         5. The BEST Cubic Zirconia Jewelers ALWAYS Have a Service Dog Flunkie

          Also, the service dog flunkie should be named Bailey.

           - Tekla Luchenski, Staff Writer

          CZ company acquisition: now part of (Press Release)

          CZ company acquisition: now part of (Press Release) 0



          Bedford, KY, USA - January 29, 2016 - Customers turn to cubic zirconia as a quality and ethical alternative to diamonds, says premier CZ jeweler, as company expands to meet worldwide market demands.

 Vice President, Danny Welsh, is confident that the growing cubic zirconia (CZ) market will continue to increase its jewelry industry prominence globally. CZ is taking a well-deserved place in the jewelry market as a high quality, ethical alternative to the overpriced, monopolized, and often unethical diamond market. He is proud that is on the cutting edge of growth. He is excited to have a hand in its expansion.

          "We were excited to announce the 2015 acquisition of It is an important investment that is going to make our company stronger, and better positioned in the marketplace."

 is leading the way in raising the profile of cubic zirconia as a high quality, desirable option for customers who want diamond-quality jewelry without diamond jewelry prices. As Vice President of a highly progressive, innovative jewelry company, Mr. Welsh takes great pride in contributing to the growing interest in cubic zirconia.

          "There are only a handful of companies worldwide that are making and selling diamond-quality jewelry, set with the best-quality cubic zirconia ever made. Everyone else may as well be selling disposable jewelry of little true resale value and calling it 'costume jewelry'. That’s not, and never will be, our business model."

          The team are iconoclasts in the jewelry industry for reframing the value placed on high quality jewel stones, such as diamonds, that too often come at a high cost of human life affecting the exploited Third World workers that toil to produce them. The continued rise in popularity of cubic zirconia and other diamond simulants could change the face of the jewelry industry.

          "We're intent on becoming  not only the premier jeweler for high quality cubic zirconia in the world, the "clear choice" so to speak, but we want cubic zirconia as a diamond simulant to become the go-to stone for customers seeking high end, heritage-quality jewelry for less. That's why we will continue to grow the business, one happy customer at a time. We will invest in acquisitions like, that make this phenomenal product more accessible in the consumer spectrum of choice.”

, is an online jewelry company that provides a premier selection of customizable, heritage quality jewelry, including engagement rings, anniversary bands and wedding sets. The company ships to customers worldwide.

          Danny Welsh
          Vice President,

          1086 Martini Lane
          Bedford, KY 40006
          United States
          Phone: +1-888-355-2484 FREE