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How to store your fine cubic zirconia jewelry safely (Grandma's jumbled organizer is a No-No)

How to store your fine cubic zirconia jewelry safely (Grandma's jumbled organizer is a No-No) 0

Sorry, but in most cases “grandma’s jewelry organizer” where everything is jumbled together is a BIG NO-NO. Be aware of what other objects that you/your jewelry may come into contact with and store your rings, earrings, pendants and more safely with these jewelry storage tips.
Moh's scale of Hardness, and How to Protect your Jewelry from unwanted Scratches

Moh's scale of Hardness, and How to Protect your Jewelry from unwanted Scratches 0

The Moh's Scale of Hardness ranks minerals, gemstones, metals and other materials based on what material scratches what other materials, and what materials are scratched by it in return. Basically, a material can be scratched by anything ranked above it and can scratch anything ranked below it. This is important because you're going to learn how to mostly prevent the #1 reason fine precious metal jewelry becomes damaged and doesn't last the lifetime you expect it to last!
The 4C's of Cubic Zirconia

The 4C's of Cubic Zirconia 0

Diamonds are universally measured against the “4C’s standard”: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. All these characteristics can also be found in top-quality cubic zirconia stones, such as those manufactured for use in our finished jewelry and sold through our website.

In this blog post, let’s discuss how these two stones compare. The more perfect the diamond, the harder a jeweler has to work to determine if it's really a diamond...or one of our cubic zirconia stones! Let's see how...
Colored cubic zirconia options- Center stones, Melee/Accents (Single or Bulk)

Colored cubic zirconia options- Center stones, Melee/Accents (Single or Bulk) 1

In addition to being the most popular clear natural diamond substitute in the world over the last few decades, cubic zirconia is also an extremely viable colored gemstone and birthstone simulant. In this blog post below, you'll get more details on our colored cubic zirconia stone options. We can make and sell you colored cubic zirconia stones in pretty much any color you want, any in any mm/carat size too.

10 Great 10th Anniversary Gifts from Him to Her

10 Great 10th Anniversary Gifts from Him to Her 2

Spring is springing! Or, if you’re not near the North Pole, it may have already sprung. We are approaching wedding season. You know what that means, don’t you? We are also approaching wedding anniversary season. Uh huh. Check your dates, Sir. Be careful you don’t miss an important one (in other words, don’t miss any of them). A tip? Your 10th anniversary is one you definitely do not want to overlook. You are going to need awesome 10th anniversary gift ideas. 

Congratulations, by the way! At this milestone, you will probably have experienced some of life’s greatest joys - and its greatest hardships - together. This guide will help you  choose a gift that speaks from the heart to celebrate your love, and to say you're glad you asked her.

A 10th anniversary jewelry gift can definitely speak her love language. You might prefer a loving, inspirational message, given with imagination at a romantic spot. It’s up to you. Be creative. We can help. Here are 10 great anniversary gifts ideas with a modern, personal twist. 

Go Traditional: Aluminum or Tin

10th anniversary gifts are traditionally aluminum or tin. Sound hard to find? You will be delighted and amazed.

  1. Aluminum Wallet Insert. We love this one for its unique simplicity. It serves as a reminder of your love and commitment. Once in awhile, out of the blue, she will find it tucked in her wallet. It will make her think of you and she will smile. Write your own words, or choose a message, customized and hand-pressed into a piece of aluminum, the size of a credit card. Imagine presenting it as the gift card on a bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  2. Recycled, Re-purposed, Retro. If those are three of your favorite words as a couple, you can commission an artist to create something truly different. If your special memories together involve hitting the road for adventure, this tin/aluminum name plate fashioned from re-purposed license plates will look fantastic on your wall. Clever and creative.
  3. Popcorn? Popcorn bowl? This idea may not sound romantic, at first. Consider this: Maybe one of your first dates was a movie together. Her eyes were fixed on the screen. Your eyes were fixed on her. Mesmerized, you both slowly reached for the popcorn. Your hands touched. Electric. Now you love to watch movies together at home, alone or with the kids. Pair an aluminum popcorn bowl with a healthy aluminum popcorn maker. Subtle. Quality. Memorable. Poetic. She will think she married Shakespeare.
  4. Try the Gift of Art and Song. Does she love to be out in the garden? As she enjoys an icy cool drink on the deck after a long day out in the world, be at home in the peacefulness of your backyard retreat. Aluminum wind chimes add grace and serenity, in perfect pitch. This pair plays Amazing Grace. Look for other models that play perfect scales, to make beautiful music in the gentle wind. Not musical? If your yard is her retreat, honor your wife with garden accessories. An aluminum bird bath. A cute garden sculpture. What does she love? There are so many choices!
  5. A New Kitchen. Really? Why not? You’ve come this far. You can afford a few extras, right? Maybe you can go for a full kitchen makeover. If not, you can make a few stylish changes to brighten up the place where family gathers. Try adding hammered aluminum tiles as a back splash for a nice touch that says a cheerful “happy 10th anniversary” over morning coffee, for years to come.

Another Traditional Choice - 10th Anniversary Jewelry

Okay. So now you know there’s more to aluminum for a 10th anniversary gift than a can of her favorite soda (which can have a charm of its own, at this point in her life, if she doesn’t have to share). Let’s move on to some other great ideas.

How about that great old standby? What about a 10th anniversary gift of jewelry?

  1. An anniversary ring is a fantastic addition for her wedding set. Work with a master jeweler, and you can choose the top quality precious metal yourself. Maybe your original set would look great, contrasted with a different gold coloration. Ask your jeweler. They can help. These days, you can choose from several colors and types of metal.
  2. By the way, what about that original wedding set? Is it everything she dreamed of in an engagement ring? Maybe you’ve always wished you could have given her something more. Consider a new set for a 10th anniversary gift of jewelry. You can even reset her original ring with a loose stone.
  3. Collectibles are a great gift idea for your 10th Anniversary. Maybe she collects figurines, or maybe you can start her collection now. There are beautiful choices that suit every taste and budget. Precious Moments offers a sweet collection. Willow Tree® by Susan Lordi is a modern classic. Royal Doulton is a timeless choice, for a splurge. Your gift doesn’t have to be specifically made for an anniversary. Our favorite Royal Doulton piece is Jack the Bulldog, a nod to the James Bond movie, Spectre. What speaks to you? Give a gift that tells your story together.

Acts of Service and Giving are a Modern Option

  1. What is your legacy together? Charitable gifts are a unique choice for special occasions. Consider sponsoring a child in a Third World Country on her behalf. There are many gift suggestions that can give her joy, knowing she has helped make someone’s life better. From providing animals for food and self sufficiency in one family, to providing clean water for an entire community, there is always something you can do on her behalf. Micro loans are a gift that keeps on giving. On her behalf, you can help an entrepreneurial person in an underprivileged country to start a business with a small loan. When they have paid it back,  she can re-loan the money. For as little as $25 continually recycled through the program, she can help hundreds of people over the years. Isn’t she amazing?
  2. Try something out of this world. How about gifting a 1-way ticket on a spaceship to Mars with Justin Bieber? Actually, that might send the wrong message. On the other hand, if your wife is more into science than stuff, try this nifty idea. You can name a star after her. Or how about an entire planetary system? I know. That sounds silly. It makes more sense, though, when you realize that you can name the heavenly body of your choice after your beautiful wife. Make her a star, for real. The money goes toward scientific research.

As you can see, your choices for a great 10th anniversary gift idea are limitless. Whatever her interests, or whatever your budget, there is something special that you can give to remind her of your love for her. 

What are your 10th anniversary gift ideas? We would love to hear from you. Comment below to tell us your story, or riff off our ideas. Did you find a great collectible? Maybe you found a wonderful organization that offers a unique experience or gift that she can be proud to have given? Off course, it’s okay to love the bling, too. In fact, we heartily (no pun intended) encourage a healthy love of bling! Jewelry is a traditional heirloom gift that will make her feel as amazingly special as you know she is.

Whatever your gift, make it yours, now, together, forever.

Tekla Luchenski
Staff Writer

Cubic Zirconia 101: Properties of CZ

Cubic Zirconia 101: Properties of CZ 0

Color it blue, red, yellow, yellow, white, or whatever tint you want. Looking at it, with the untrained eye, you’ll mistake it as a diamond, a natural gem mined from the earth.

But using a jeweler’s loupe, this flawless, crystal-like piece of stone is not a diamond but a mimic of which it is called cubic zirconia or 'CZ' as it is popularly known. 

History: Cubic Zirconia was discovered in the 18th century. It was later in the Soviet that scientists and mineralogists alike studied and perfected the technique wherein the gemstone could reach its maximum crystalline form. This milestone was known to the public in 1973 and commercial production began in the 70’s. And by the 1980’s mass production has reached its peak and laboratories produced over 50 million carats of this beautiful, sparkling artificial gemstone.

Physical Attributes: The quality of this gemstone depends on the ingredients used and the right proportion of formula and its purity. As a diamond stimulant, it sparkles brighter than crystal and is remarkably harder than most gems. It weighs 65% more than a diamond does (which accounts for the diamond-carat equivalents our company uses to sell cubic zirconia jewelry in diamond-traditional sizes). 

CZ also has a high rate of dispersion. That is, when light shines on it, the stone brilliantly sparkles with different colors refracted on its structure. It can also be made in any color, though clear/white is most popular. Because of its natural form, low cost, durability and its close visual likeness to diamonds Cubic Zirconia has become and remained the primary diamond competitor. 

Advantages and Disadvantages: Ever since its availability in the market, one cannot miss it from any jewelry stand or trinket shop. What with its low price point and it looks great, too.

From rings to earrings, to bracelets to necklaces, to pendants, one can wear it anywhere, anytime without worrying about getting it lost or damaged. It can also be adjusted or prepared to suit one’s taste or lifestyle. It can be set in silver sterling and gold just like diamonds.

This gemstone requires low maintenance, too. Just clean it like one would any other gem and that’s it.

Bear in mind though, that cubic zirconia stones are more prone to scratches so the use of a soft cloth is required and handling it gently also helps.

This cubic zirconia stone too, is brittle and has less resistance than harder diamonds to breakage from falls or impacts. 

We at mitigate any fear of scratching by offering a lifetime warranty you can read about on our website. So we've got your back! 

Because these gemstones can be produced in as much quantity as production and resources may allow unlike real diamonds which take millions of years to form, the inherent value of diamonds (which have limited quantity) will always be more than its visual counterpart cubic zirconia.  

Still, when you want to be fashionable and cannot afford to buy and maintain high-end baubles-- or you have your eye to saving money you can invest on other uses like a wedding, honey-moon, or other special'll be in great company with millions of others if you choose cubic zirconia over diamonds. 

From a mineralogical standpoint, even the highest-quality artificially-produced CZ is not a genuine gemstone like diamonds are classified. From a jewelry standpoint, however, as we say...if you can't TELL the difference...why PAY the difference?

Go here to check out our full collection of cubic zirconia in various shapes and sizes.

Unsure about which stone shape suits you/her? Read our article Which Center Stone Shape Is Best For You/Her?

Unsure about which stone size suits you/her? Read our article Which Center Stone Size Is Best For You/Her?

Interested in colored cubic zirconia stones? Find out more here.